Colorectal cancer screening (an attempt to identify early onset disease, thus making it
more amenable to treatment), incorporating colonoscopy, has become increasingly prevalent over the past three years in the UK, as the government attempt to reduce the incidence
of colorectal cancer. The incidence of colorectal cancer has fallen in USA and other parts of Europe, since the introduction of colon cancer screening


A concise history and thorough examination is undertaken during the consultation in order
to establish an accurate diagnosis and then following a recognised pathway, a management plan is initiated.
This may constitute routine blood tests and where indicated a combination of either colonoscopy, endoscopy and some form of imaging such as abdominal ultrasound, MRI or CT scan.
A holistic approach is undertaken and where no obvious cause is readily identifiable, Romi works closely with qualified medical practitioners who routinely practise recognised alternative medical techniques such as acupuncture.
Where further intervention is indicated, the use of minimally invasive techniques and keyhole surgery enhances recovery, enabling a more rapid return to normal activity, with minimal lifestyle disruption.

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